A #dataviz from a galaxy far,
far away...

dot = line of dialogue  •  size of dot = force of sentiment
low pos. = negative sentiment  •  high pos. = positive sentiment

Best experienced on Desktop, this dataviz is.

Ben C3PO Han Leia Luke Vader use the force

Select a dot, and a quote shown here, there will be.

What am I looking at again?

A good question, that is. You are looking at a data visualisation of the sentiment of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Every dot is a line by one of the main characters in the movie. The position on the y-axis resembles the sentiment score: from negative to positive. The higher a dot is plotted, the more positive is the line behind it. The size of a dot is the magnitude of the emotion. You could say that a big dot is more powerfully expressesed than a small one. The x-axis is the timeline of the plot. This allows you to see where the lines appear in the movie.

How about R2D2 and Chewy? Well, the API I use to analyse text does not support Droid or Shyriiwook yet. So only human speech is included in the analysis.

How was it made?

Another good question, that is. The input for this visualisation was this data set on Kaggle. The data was analysed line by line using Natural Language API by Google. After that, I visualised it as a scatterplot in Python using Matplotlib and stored it as an SVG. The interactive web version was made using plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. During the process, I accompanied myself with this playlist.