Fuuut is a web app that uses information from the Dutch Railway Services API. It only shows how long a user has until the train leaves.


I created it because the standard app supplied by the railway services had too much information clutter for the short trip I make by train every day. I minimised the information displayed to make it show only the data I need to make my trip.

Flipping the trip at midday


Besides minimising the data in the app, I made the app automatically flip destination A and B to B and A after 12:00 so it showed the right return trip when I needed to go home. This feature is called Flipuur (Fliphour in English). The hour is customizable  by the user. Users can also enable ‘manual flip’ if they travel at irregular hours throughout the day.

The app is not live anymore. I’ve stopped supporting the app because of the active users were low and I didn’t use the train that often myself anymore. I’m still proud of this little project though!