I’m an independent creative technologist, based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. I specialise in the creative combination of data, technology and ideas. My projects frequently touch the programming languages JavaScript and/or Python. I have a fascination for the creative potential of code and data visualisation, art, and ethics.

Experience in Creative Coding

To give you an idea of the projects I work on, here’s an overview of some of the creative coding projects I worked on over the past few years:

Besides this, I had jobs that focused on data and analytics. From 2012 to the summer of 2020 I worked in the field of digital analytics in an online marketing context. From the summer of 2020 to the end of 2022, I worked as a business & data analyst in the public sector.

From 2023 onwards, I’m a freelance trainer and analyst. And dedicate more time to personal, creative projects.

The value of personal, creative projects

I learned a lot on the job. But I sometimes feel the urge to try out some new technology. When this happens, I define a personal project that forces me to try out some piece of technology. With this mindset, I’ve worked on some interesting products (as listed above).

I give talks and workshops about these projects as well. They show how data and code can be combined in interesting and creative ways.

Blending data analysis, ethics and creativity

I currently see myself as having a somewhat weird, but interesting mix of interests. I like to work with data through code and visualisation. I like reading about the field to see where it’s going. I like to implement new theories and ways of working in businesses. I like the ethical dilemmas that come up when working technology and data. And I like the creative potential that data and data analysis have.

Let’s just say I combine my views on data analysis, data ethics and creativity to create value. Curious to see how this can help you? Reach out.