erik driessen data visualisation developer I’m an independent creative data visualization engineer, based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. I specialise in the creative combination of data and code. My projects frequently touch the programming languages JavaScript and/or Python.

Iā€™m a good fit if:

āœ… You want to make interactive data visualisations
āœ… You want to publish data visualisations online
āœ… You want to automate your style-guide-proof data visualisation workflow.

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Data projects

To give you an idea of the data projects I work on, here’s an overview of some projects I’ve worked on over the past few years:

Besides this, I had jobs that focused on data and analytics:

  • 2012 – 2020: digital analytics in an online marketing
  • 2020 – 2022: business analytics for the governmen
  • 2023 – ????: freelance data visualization and analytics consultant and trainer.

The value of personal, creative projects

I learned a lot on the job. But I sometimes feel the urge to try out some new technology. When this happens, I define a personal project that forces me to try out some piece of technology. With this mindset, I’ve worked on some interesting products (e.g. build my own Garmin watch faces).

I give talks and workshops about my job and projects. They show how data and code can be combined in interesting and creative ways.

Blending data analysis, ethics and creativity

I currently see myself as having a somewhat weird, but interesting mix of interests. I like to work with data through code and visualisation. I like reading about the field to see where it’s going. I like to implement new theories and ways of working in businesses. I like the ethical dilemmas that come up when working technology and data. And I like the creative potential that data and data analysis have.

In the end, I try to have a good and fun relationship with my clients. And my skills in data analysis, data ethics and creativity help me get there.

Curious to see if we can work together? Reach out.