I explore data and ideas using code. On this page you can see the projects I’ve worked on.

Avicii Open Data Art Project

Generating data art from music lyrics by using text analysis and abstract data visualisation. The project uses the Google Cloud Natural Language API for analysis and Python (Matplotlib) for visualisations. Read more.

Data Storytelling with LionRock Maritime

Using data storytelling, I developed a webpage for LionRock Maritime that helps them explain their product to potential clients. The page uses a scrollytelling setup based on scrollama.js and d3.js. View page (external).

Identifying Influencers on Twitter

Automatically find influential people on Twitter using the Twitter Search API and d3.js for data visualisation. Read more.

Other projects

  • Garmin Watchfaces: watchface designs for the Garmin smartwatch. Developed in Monkey C.
  • Google’s view on heaven: an exploratory data story about the difference in sentiment in heaven and Heaven according to Google.
  • Star Wars Visualisation: an interactive website that explores the Sentiment of the first Star Wars movie. Visualisation made in Python (Matplotlib), interactivity added through vanilla JavaScript.
  • The Three Body Problem Star Map: an interactive website that explores the books that helped me enjoy the Chinese scifi series The Three Body Problem Trilogy or Remembrance of Earth’s Past.
  • What’s Data Sound?!: a Chrome plug-in that plays a sound whenever a tracker collects data. Developed using JavaScript.

Tools & demos

  • Book exploration: interactive network visualisation of books I’ve read and the topics they are associated to.
  • Expression visualisation: interactive illustration made using d3.js to add interactivity to eyebrows and mouth of a custom svg illustration.
  • Moral dilemma tool: proof of concept for a d3.js-based tool that helps people discuss moral dilemmas.
  • Shapeshifter: a combination of a d3.js radial line chart and animations.

Say hi

If you want to see if I can help you out, reach out to me here.