I’m a runner and I like using Garmin watches to track them. I also like minimal watches. When I was browsing the Garmin Connect IQ store, I couldn’t find a design that I liked.

That is why I set out to design and develop my own designs! As you might have guessed, I like my Garmin watch to look like a nice, minimalistic (sometimes slightly abstract) watch when I’m not running. My designs reflect that. You can view my Garmin design collection on this page.

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Simply Counting Hours (NEW)

minimal garmin watchface using tally marks

A minimal and stylised watchface design that displays time using tally marks for hours. It includes indicators for battery level, alarm, AM/PM, and notifications.

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Simply Digital (New)

garmin minimal digital watchface

A minimalistic digital watchface design. It displays time using classic digital type, has a battery indicator, and AM/PM, alarm, and notifications icons.

Get Simply Digital at the Garmin Store »

Minimal Wires

A minimal watchface based on a utility post illustration that displays the time. The number of wires reflects the current hour.

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Minimal Binary (5k+ downloads)

Minimal Binary Watchface design for the Garmin Smartwatch

A minimalistic watchface that shows time using binary indicators.

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Minimal Data (1K+ downloads)

A minimalistic watchface that displays time using squares for hours and small lines for minutes.

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Minimal Digital (300+ downloads)

Minimal Digital Watchface for Garmin Smartwatch

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I wrote a blogpost about the experience of developing my first watchface. It might be helpful if you want to develop your own. You can read the post here.