I’m a data analyst based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. I specialise in data strategy, data exploration, and data visualisation engineering. I apply these skills in both a professional and personal context. For clients, I use code and data to help them create scalable products from data. When working on personal projects, I try to force myself to work with technologies that are new to me.

Tinkering with tech

I think we live in some very interesting times. A lot of technologies are really accessible these days. Whenever I see something interesting that I’d like to dive into, either some technology, data or both, I try to define a project around it (either by myself of with a client). Using an exploratory approach, I continuously develop my skills around topics that just happen peak my interest. It’s a fun and valuable way to keep on learning.

Here’s a list of the technologies I’ve used working with this mindset: matplotlib & pandas (python), d3.js (JavaScript), Google Data Studio/Looker Studio, Inkscape, Twitter Search API, Garmin Connect IQ, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, text analytics, and natural language processing.

While work in technology, I’ve developed a fascination for both data ethics and creative coding. I give some background on both below.

A fascination for data ethics & fairness

I started my career at a data-driven marketing agency 2011 (which was still a fairly new thing back then) as a front-end developer. Even though I did not know it at the time, I slowly developed a fascination about data and technology and it’s impact on our society. I have become very fascinated by the growing influence we allow it to have.

Online marketing, data collection, and privacy (2012-2020)

The first step on this path was probably my graduation project in 2012. In that project, I developed a influencer search tool based on Twitter data. It was my first experience in designing and developing a custom data solution. A topic that I would frequently return to. It was that project got me a job at the data department of the same agency. In the years 2013 to 2020, I went all-in on web analytics (mostly Google), tag management, and the implementation of various marketing platforms. I experienced the introduction of privacy laws (the Dutch ‘cookie law’ in 2013 and GDPR in 2018). During my last few years at the agency, I had roles as both people lead and domain lead.

With the implementation of GDPR in 2018, I developed an interest for the privacy aspect of my job. And besides that, the ethical side peaked my interest: besides a legal ground to do something, what do I, as a human, think is okay to do? What types of data collections do I feel comfortable implementing? How should I deal with indicators of users who do not want to be tracked at all?

Public sector, data ethics, and fairness in analytics (2020-2022)

It was this new fascination that made me think of other ways to apply my skills. Applying them in a marketing context did not feel as the best option for me any more. So in 2020, I made change in my career and switched to the public sector. Here, I took on a role as business analyst for the Dutch Tax Administration. In that role, I moved away form digital and web data, towards a new type of data: tax data. I talked to internal clients and try to help them by designing  and developing data products.

In early 2022, I started working with ethics once again when I joined an internal research project focussed on data ethics and the fairness of analytics products. Together with the project team (as ethics is never a solo-effort), we look for ways to implement ethics and test model outcomes for bias & fairness.

Freelance data analyst (2023-now)

Besides my main job, I’ve worked as a freelance data analyst since 2020. From 2023 onwards, I’ve made this my full focus.

Exploratory programming & creative coding

On a different side of the spectrum, I developed a liking for tinkering with ideas and the creative side of code. It’s a great way familiarise myself with technologies that my day-to-day job doesn’t necessarily require me to use. The first example here is again my graduation project (mentioned above). But I have worked on some other interesting projects after that. To name a few:

  • My own app for the Dutch Railway Services (2015). Reason: I did not like the default app that they offer, so I built my own using the Dutch Railway Services API.
  • Customizable watch face for the Pebble Time smartwatch (2016). Reason: I actually wanted to see if I could track a watch face using Google Analytics, so figured I should start by building a watchface first. It turned out to be so much fun that I focused on the watch face.
  • Sentiment monitor for my crypto monitor (2017). Reason: there were a few examples of spikes in crypto values after an increase in social media activity. So I revisited the tech from my graduation project and built a monitor for activity and sentiment around my crypto portfolio (using Twitter Search, Amazon Web Services, and Google Data Studio).
  • Abstract Data Art t-shirts (2018-now). Reason: Avicii died in 2018 and I decided I could try to find new meaning in his music using data analysis, but ended up using the results to design abstract prints for t-shirts.

I’ve listed some of these on my projects page.

Blending data analysis, ethics and creativity

I currently see myself as having a somewhat weird, but interesting mix of interests. I like to work with data through code and visualisation. I like reading about the field to see where it’s going. I like to implement new theories and ways of working in businesses. I like the ethical dilemmas that come up when working technology and data. And I like the creative potential that data and data analysis have.

Let’s just say I combine my views on data analysis, data ethics and creativity to create value.