Category: Ideas

My personal data visualisation project process

Read full story / Learn how I approach personal data visualisation projects. From ideation, to exploration and creation.

Emerging patterns visualising time using binary indicators

Read full story / Reflections on my experience using my self-made minimal binary Garmin watch face.

Developing a Minimal Watchface for the Garmin Forerunner 55 (and other watches)

Read full story / A diary like post about developing a watchface using the Garmin Connect IQ SDK.

I have stopped tracking this website. Here’s why.

Read full story / To track or not to track. That is a good question. Learn why I have decided not to track this website any longer.

On the internet you will find what you want to find

Read full story / Certain services on the internet are designed to show you what you want to see and make you hooked.

Celebrate your team’s failures and find their strengths

Read full story / Learning from failures should be a common practice. Learn how to apply it to team development.

The problem with rating systems and how to solve it

Read full story / Rating systems are good. But they don't support experiences that raise the bar.