This Python Data Visualization Course is a live, online introduction to data visualization development. During the course, you’ll learn how python is a helpful tool for anyone working with data visualization.

The end product of the course is small, personal, data art project. Here’s an example of a data visualisation that you’ll be able to make at the end (I printed it on a t-shirt):

This line is constructed in three steps:

  1. Sentiment analysis of music lyrics using an API
  2. Data visualisation of the analysis using Matplotlib
  3. Creative use of Matplotlib to make data art

And during the course, you’ll learn how to do this yourself!

A course for curious data visualization practitioners

During the course, you’ll start working with writing code and how it can help you as a data professional. We’ll cover APIs, data analysis, and data visualization. Curious to learn what value Python can bring to the table? Then this course is for you!

Course in a nutshell

  • You’ll work in a group of max. 8 people
  • Four online workshop of ~1,5 hour each
  • Introduction to python programming for data visualization
  • Price €249 (ex. VAT)

For more details, read below.

Course context

The impact data has on our society is growing. Data and technology are behind some of the most successful companies. Being able to work with data through code is a valuable an scalable skill for any data professional. Python offers various benefits for anyone working with data.

Course outline

During the course, we’ll explore python by going through the process behind one my personal data projects. With my step-by-step guide and technical support, you’ll learn how to use python for data analysis and visualisation.

The program consists of the 4 online sessions:

  1. Theory & outline: during our first session, I’ll take you through the origin story of my data project, we’ll discuss the outline of the course and generate ideas for your own project.
  2. Getting started with Python: in the second session, I’ll help you get started with Python, we’ll work on some basic exercises, you’ll learn how to read files, analyse them using an API, and store the results in a csv.
  3. Visualising data: during our third session, we’ll visualise the data in various ways and I share some tricks that help you get from a basic plot to stylized plots.
  4. Showcase: during the final session, each participant shares their work.

Benefits of taking the course

You’ll have learned how python can help you in various steps of the data visualization workflow.

⏱️ Course timing, pricing & requirements

It’s a live online course that lasts four sessions of ~1.5 hours each, one session per week. Detailed timings will be discussed with the participants. The pricing is €249,- per person.

Some basic knowledge of programming (in Python or another language) is required. Besides that, you’ll need a working Google Cloud account (instructions will be shared after you enrol).

☑️ Enrol

The workshop will be planned based on demand. When there are at least 4 new request, I’ll plan a new data. It’s also possible to take part as a group or request an in-company course.

If you want to take the course, reach out to me here.


Questions? Ask them here.