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Visualizing The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Read full story / Visualising the lives of Harry August from the book The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August.

My personal data visualisation project process

Read full story / Learn how I approach personal data visualisation projects. From ideation, to exploration and creation.

Data Book Review: All Data Are Local

Read full story / A review of the book all data are local with some personal insights.

Book Review: Lady Astronaut’s Secret Messages

Read full story / I read about the Caesar cipher encryption in a sci-fi book and went looking for secret messages inside.

Tech Book Review: A personal view on Technics and Civilizations

Read full story / What can a 90-year-old book teach me about my contemporary life? Quite a few things it seems.

Book Review: The tech of 1984

Read full story / Reading the classic book 1984 and pondering about our times.

Book Review: What Sapiens taught me about business

Read full story / I’ve just finished reading  Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A brief history of humankind. It’s a great read that takes you through our species history, from the first homo sapiens to the future of what we might become. Three things of this story stuck with me the most. I’ll share them in this post. If you […]