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Book Review: Lady Astronaut’s Secret Messages

Read full story / I read about the Caesar cipher encryption in a sci-fi book and went looking for secret messages inside.

Tech Book Review: A personal view on Technics and Civilizations

Read full story / What can a 90-year-old book teach me about my contemporary life? Quite a few things it seems.

Switching from Google Search to DuckDuckGo

Read full story / It's quite hard to move away from Google. You have to work harder yourself.

An easy way to generate custom colormaps in Matplotlib

Read full story / A simple trick to make single-color shades in Matplotlib.

On the internet you will find what you want to find

Read full story / Certain services on the internet are designed to show you what you want to see and make you hooked.

Celebrate your team’s failures and find their strengths

Read full story / Learning from failures should be a common practice. Learn how to apply it to team development.

Making an interactive Star Wars Data Visualisation using Python and Javascript

Read full story / Can you turn a Matplotlib visual into a interactive website? Maybe it's a weird question, but I explored the idea. (And it works!)

Rethinking the information design in Formula 1’s most common graphic

Read full story / Formula 1's graphics could be so much better. I have a go at the most common one.

Abstract Data Visualisation Embroidery & The Chainsmokers

Read full story / What happens when you open source your own project and a youtuber makes a video about it? You guessed it: dataviz embroidery.

Visualising diamonds from the data of Dagny’s Ultraviolet EP

Read full story / Data visualization can be so much fun. I’ve previously used sentiment analysis to generate visuals of Avicii’s Tim and Madeon’s Good Faith. This time, the visual is based on the Ultraviolet EP by Dagny. Why Dagny? I first heard Dagny’s music in October 2018. She was the supporting act for Lemaitre’s show in the Melkweg, […]