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Generating an GIF animation using Matplotlib and Imageio

Read full story / How to generate a GIF of your data visualisations using Matplotlib and Imageio.

Book Review: Lady Astronaut’s Secret Messages

Read full story / I read about the Caesar cipher encryption in a sci-fi book and went looking for secret messages inside.

Tech Book Review: A personal view on Technics and Civilizations

Read full story / What can a 90-year-old book teach me about my contemporary life? Quite a few things it seems.

Switching from Google Search to DuckDuckGo

Read full story / It's quite hard to move away from Google. You have to work harder yourself.

An easy way to generate custom colormaps in Matplotlib

Read full story / A simple trick to make single-color shades in Matplotlib.

On the internet you will find what you want to find

Read full story / Certain services on the internet are designed to show you what you want to see and make you hooked.

Celebrate your team’s failures and find their strengths

Read full story / Learning from failures should be a common practice. Learn how to apply it to team development.

Making an interactive Star Wars Data Visualisation using Python and Javascript

Read full story / Can you turn a Matplotlib visual into a interactive website? Maybe it's a weird question, but I explored the idea. (And it works!)

Rethinking the information design in Formula 1’s most common graphic

Read full story / Formula 1's graphics could be so much better. I have a go at the most common one.

Abstract Data Visualisation Embroidery & The Chainsmokers

Read full story / What happens when you open source your own project and a youtuber makes a video about it? You guessed it: dataviz embroidery.