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Visualising diamonds from the data of Dagny’s Ultraviolet EP

Read full story / Data visualization can be so much fun. I’ve previously used sentiment analysis to generate visuals of Avicii’s Tim and Madeon’s Good Faith. This time, the visual is based on the Ultraviolet EP by Dagny. Why Dagny? I first heard Dagny’s music in October 2018. She was the supporting act for Lemaitre’s show in the Melkweg, […]

How to play Werewolf remotely using Google Sheets

Read full story / Run a fun game with friends using a Google spreadsheet. Why not?

The light side and dark side of the internet

Read full story / Dark patterns. They suck. Find out what they are and why they suck.

How to set up a remote quiz for friends and family

Read full story / A technical guide for running remote quizzes with friends.

Visualising the emotion of Avicii’s new album: TIM

Read full story / Sometimes I go exploring using data and technology and stumble into magic. This is one of those times.

Visualising Avicii’s Music: Honouring a personal hero with data visualisation

Read full story / When happens when you blend data analysis with a passion for music? Let's find out.

Book Review: The tech of 1984

Read full story / Reading the classic book 1984 and pondering about our times.

Book Review: What Sapiens taught me about business

Read full story / I’ve just finished reading  Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A brief history of humankind. It’s a great read that takes you through our species history, from the first homo sapiens to the future of what we might become. Three things of this story stuck with me the most. I’ll share them in this post. If you […]

How Amazon Go gives me an uncomfortable itch

Read full story / Amazon Go is about more than just a frictionless customer experience. It's about a service that might collect a lot of customer data.

The problem with rating systems and how to solve it

Read full story / Rating systems are good. But they don't support experiences that raise the bar.