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Emerging patterns visualising time using binary indicators

Read full story / Reflections on my experience using my self-made minimal binary Garmin watch face.

Developing a Minimal Watchface for the Garmin Forerunner 55 (and other watches)

Read full story / A diary like post about developing a watchface using the Garmin Connect IQ SDK.

Using data visualisation to monitor changes in machine learning models

Read full story / Learn how you data visualisation can help you monitor changes in your machine learning models.

Exploratory visualisation in Python: a little trick

Read full story / A trick for the exploratory analyst working in Python.

A cold winter close to the sun

Read full story / Winter is cold, but apparently Earth is also at it's closest distance to the sun then.

A little DataViz tribute to The Secret Lives of Planets

Read full story / Space is big. How big? This visualisation gives you an idea.

Generating an GIF animation using Matplotlib and Imageio

Read full story / How to generate a GIF of your data visualisations using Matplotlib and Imageio.

An easy way to generate custom colormaps in Matplotlib

Read full story / A simple trick to make single-color shades in Matplotlib.

Making an interactive Star Wars Data Visualisation using Python and Javascript

Read full story / Can you turn a Matplotlib visual into a interactive website? Maybe it's a weird question, but I explored the idea. (And it works!)

Rethinking the information design in Formula 1’s most common graphic

Read full story / Formula 1's graphics could be so much better. I have a go at the most common one.